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We have been in the machinery and equipment business since 2007 and have witnessed a great boom in the manufacturing of machinery in China, together with the rapid technology development which is comparable to the European and American counterparts. We are also proud to announce that thousands of customers around the world are very satisfied and happy with machinery made in China.

The Internet offers an explosive amount of information about different Chinese manufacturers which makes it a big task to distinguish between good and poor quality . ASIATECH's mission is to help customers and partners choose THE BEST QUALITY of machinery from China. We are familiar with most main machine manufacturers and have adequate knowledge to recommend only the machines with excellent market feedback.

We strive to offer our customers the best after sales service! We have an experienced team including excellent technical support and we also offer a wide range of spare parts. These are the key points to ensure that all our customers enjoy the best possible service!

ASIATECH only supplies BEST QUALITY machinery made in China ensuring that customers and partners are 100% satisfied!